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2021-03-18 13:44:29

The Notice of “Through Check-in" Procedures of In-border Flights through CAN Hub

All units:

In order to accelerate the construction of Guangzhou Hub and improve the transfer passengers’ service experience. “Through Check-in" Procedures of In-border Flights though Guangzhou is about to be officially implemented on March 1st, 2017 due to the active negotiation with Customs, Airport, and etc. That means passengers who take China southern Airlines flight and check the boarding pass and baggage to the final destination, no need to claim the luggage and pass the customs by themselves. They should just follow the CSN staff’s guidance to pass the customs’ inspection together. Now we summarize the operation specifications as follows.


1.1 Passengers Check-in

1.1.1 Coordinate Custom to promote the regulations and present billboards reminding passengers that all checked or carry-on baggage need to be inspected by customs in Guangzhou and fill the Customs Declaration Form.

1.1.2 Print boarding passes and check bags to the final destination;

1.1.3 Attach baggage tags with "CSN Transfer Luggage" tag. If the bag is transferring to the domestic flight within 150 minutes, attach “Fast transfer” tag and remind passengers of taking out the stuffs as hand baggage for declaration;

1.1.4 Distribute “Through Check-in" tips to transfer passengers of domestic flight. Remind passengers of going through Customs Inspections.

1.1.5 If the checked luggage contains items which need to declare, attach the sign of "declaration baggage" on it.

1.1.6 If the passenger is diplomatic personnel, attach a special "diplomatic baggage" logo.

1.2 Baggage Loading  

1.2.1 Wide-body Aircraft Load transit baggage together in individual container. Locate transit baggage second only to priority baggage next to the hatch    door to ensure priority unloading. Load priority transfer baggage in transit container; When MCT is insufficient due to delay, batch fast-transit baggage (over 10 cases) are needed to be packed separately; Divide transfer baggage into international and domestic. Load international and domestic transit baggage separately; Execute the regulations of cargo, baggage and loading for transfer baggage of connecting flights to avoid cargo blocking baggage;

1.2.2 Narrow-body Aircraft

Locate both priority baggage and transit baggage near the back hatch door;

1.2.3 Special Airlines 

Because of insufficient connecting time, excessive transit      baggage, or customs inspection for partial airlines, origin airport packs baggage of designating destination individually to       increase the efficiency (eg. CZ330 to CZ359, baggage from   Vancouver to Delhi is loaded individually. Luggage Center     provides the service of baggage transfer to relating designated destination.);

1.3 Information Exchange

1.3.1 Information Transmission

Origin airport must send the accurate LDM/CPM within 30 minutes after takeoff. In the telegram, the location of priority   and transit baggage are noted. If LDM/CPM cannot be sent, send e-mails to Luggage Center of Guangzhou; 

1.3.2 Information Requirement For wide-body aircraft, indicate the location and      classification of each container. Telegram example below:

NOTE: To improving efficiency, eligible airports must send electronic loading form to Luggage Center of Guangzhou after takeoff, including the specific number information of baggage in the specific container; other airports must send the picture of the hard copy to Guangzhou. For distributed-loaded baggage in narrow-body aircraft, location and number of priority and transit baggage are required to be noted. Telegram example: 


2.1 Passengers

2.1.1 In the cabin, broadcast should include baggage transfer information, entry formalities, and custom procedure. The flight attendants will look for the passenger according to the name and seat number, and then put the sticker on the outside of their clothes.

2.1.2 Transfer department, by the surveillance list from custom, guide passengers under surveillance by custom to wait in the connecting flight inspection area;

2.1.3 Transfer department must update the baggage transfer status in time for passengers waiting in the inspection area and direct them      to pass or check through the customs; 

2.2 Baggage

2.2.1 Cargo department should unload transit baggage merely after priority baggage, and Luggage department should transfer transit baggage to pre-examination by custom in time;

2.2.2 Luggage sorters should immediately sort out baggage with “Need to Declaration”tag and of passenger under custom control and transfer them to entry quarantine;

2.2.3 Luggage sorters must check baggage which needs to be opened with custom, and transit department are to find the passengers respectively and then direct them with their baggage to inspection area.

2.2.4 The inspector at baggage claim area remain the transit passengers waiting for luggage, guiding them to the right boarding gate.


3.1 Before arrival, Baggage Inquiry need to check unusual LDM/CPM and system information and inform passengers by display screen or messages by advance to avoid passengers waiting in vain.

3.2 Arrival airports have to follow delayed transit baggage. When baggage arrives, distribute to passengers in time. Baggage Inquiry Center follow those cases behind the scene as well; if over 24 hours, Baggage Inquiry Center must collaborate with the investigation actively.

Each units must follow the requirements of the procedure and ensure the service. Limited Company Ground Service Department will report the situation of connecting flight baggage transfer periodically. 



Ground Service Department

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd

February 27th, 2017