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为鸭打鹅乐队新专辑特别创作的概念视觉拼贴作品|Album Collage Art for Duck Fight Goose

2022-01-11 14:33:13

爱豆笔此在创作丝网版画之余,也喜欢在不同的领域进行探索和实验。不久前团队为鸭打鹅乐队的新专辑《未来俱乐部》中的每首曲目,特别创作了概念视觉艺术作品 - 以现实世界万物拼贴出的十二个魔幻未来空间场景。近日伴随乐队特别混音合辑《MIXED ZVKVNFT VOL.1》一同发行。

Apart from making screen-printed art works, Idlebeats also loves to explore and experiment in different fields from time to time. Not long ago we especially created series of conceptual visual art works, for each track from Duck Fight Goose’s latest album CLVB ZVKVNFT. Using things from the real world, to present twelve collages of magical future space scene. Recently released along with their remix compilation MIXED ZVKVNFT VOL.1.

视觉艺术作品创作背景  Album Art Creating Background

以 <Clvb Zvkvnft> 专辑的故事线和音乐为灵感,展开叙事和听觉以外的第三感官-视觉。用 Google Image (在线图像搜索引擎)在网络上取得素材,进行重组和拼贴。将大家熟悉的物件和场景重构,显示出超现实的美感和故事性。

Taking the storyline and music of the album Clvb Zvkvnft as inspiration, spreading the third sense - visual that beyond the auditory and narrative version. With the help from Google Image (online image searching engine), we restructured and collaged these materials that obtained from the internet. The reconstruction of familiar objects and scenes, shows surreal beauty and vivid stories.

无差别 indifferent

蚁军 A.N.T.Z.[artificial nano tech zombies]

太空提款机 ATM inda space

部队 army

奔跑 running

幻灭国度 a nation of disillusion

接近 approaching

接触 contact

都市迪斯科 metro disco

未知 unknown

马 horse

幸运星 lucky star

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